Dott. Tito Marianetti

I am a maxillofacial surgeon and I have dedicated my professional practice to surgery and aesthetic medicine ofa single area of the body, the nose. For me, form is not a semblance but a natural expression of substance

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Welcome to Myrhinoplasty: plastic nose surgery

Rhinoplasty is the meeting point between art and science, between balance and proportion and between aesthetics and function. It is a surgical procedure that aims to modify the bone and cartilage structure of the nose in order to improve its shape and breathing.

Rhinoplasty is an "individual" procedure: none of us are the same and the same holds true for noses. Stereotypical rhinoplasms that are all the same should remain only an unpleasant memory of the past.

The naturalness of the result must be the first objective of the surgeon and of the patient.

Only the experience of hundreds of rhinoplasty operations combined with a solid scientific basis can lead to satisfactory results.



Countless facial solutions with one goal: to harmonize without ever forgetting functionality


  • Daniela Dematte

    Review submitted by Daniela Dematte

    Serious, professional and extremely humane. A doctor with a capital D who was able to reassure me throughout the pre-operative phase but especially in the post, sharing the countless doubts and storming him with calls for reassurance. Thank you so much Doctor, you gave me the smile that I've always been waiting for
    Daniela Dematte
  • Maddalena Santoro

    Review submitted by Maddalena Santoro

    There was not a single minute in which I was seen or perceived different from myself ... different from what I was before. It's still me, in fact ... today I feel even more myself ... because now I'm the person that I always wanted to be!
    Maddalena Santoro
  • Giorgia Vargiu

    Review submitted by Giorgia Vargiu

    5 stars are not enough to make the idea of the professionalism and expertise of this surgeon! Thanks, it changed my life!!!!!
    Giorgia Vargiu
  • Roberta Viviano

    Review submitted by Roberta Viviano

    This man is not a surgeon, he is an artist of rhinoplasty. Tito is super and his staff is great
    Roberta Viviano
  • Veronica Baica

    Review submitted by Veronica Baica

    My intuition prompted me to choose this doctor for several reasons: it combines aesthetics, functionality and a pain-free post-operative phase! I was not wrong, he was the right choice!
    Veronica Baica
  • Annagloria De Sisto

    Review submitted by Annagloria De Sisto

    Professional ... serious ... competent ... passionate ... understanding ... humane: my Doc!
    Annagloria De Sisto
  • Sofia Anselmi

    Review submitted by Sofia Anselmi

    Outstanding professional, delightful person
    Sofia Anselmi
  • Flavia Marino

    Review submitted by Flavia Marino

    I met Dr. Marianetti to evaluate the opportunity of having my nose done. In the cognitive meeting I was very impressed: precise in explaining the whole operation and realistic in making me a result pre-visulisation. I initially want a small, extremely resized nose but after our chat I realized that true beauty lies in the naturalness as a result. The Doctor persuaded me to avoid over-distorting the shape of my nose, thus maintaining a structure more similar to my own. I appreciated his sincerity and the frankness with which he explained to me the limits of changing a nose way too much. For now I have not yet had the operation performed, but if I do decide to have it done, it will be with him.
    Flavia Marino
  • Antonio Palmieri

    Review submitted by Antonio Palmieri

    Thanks Tito, after having had 3 poorly performed operations ... I finally met you along my path: if only I had met you at the beginning of my tortuous journey, I would not have never spent all that time and money
    Antonio Palmieri