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1Can the first visit also be done via videoconference if I am located far away?
The first visit is necessary and cannot be replaced by teleconferences or phone calls because the clinical examination of the nose and the first interview between the surgeon and the patient is essential. During the meeting, Dr. Marianetti will elaborate a structured result simulation based both on the patient's aesthetic taste and on the concrete feasibility of what is required. Doubts and additional curiosities, as well as the preoperative analyses carried out before the intervention, do not require an additional meeting and can be sent via email.
2What are the exams to be performed before the operation?
Complete blood count with formula - Albumin - Blood sugar - Azotemia - Electrolytes - Creatininemia - LDH - CPK - GOT - GPT - CHE - Gamma-GT - Alkaline phosphatase - Emocoagulative tests (PT - PTT - Fibrinogen) - HbsAg - HCV - Rx Thorax - ECG - Urine Examination
3Is there any advice that I need to follow the day before the operation?
Go to sleep on a full stomach by opting for a light meal, avoiding eating or drinking anything in the eight hours prior to surgery. Avoid the use of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs from a week before surgery.
4I live far away. After being operated, when can I go back home?
It is necessary to remain in the clinic only one night, that of the intervention, the following day, in the morning, one is discharged: during the stay in the clinic, a companion can sleep over without any additional costs. Pads are no longer used and, consequently, there is no need to remove them. It is necessary to meet again after 6-7 days of discharge, usually on the following Thursday afternoon, for the removal of the nasal points and mask. If you decide to stay in Rome during your visit, there is no need to lock yourself hotel. Compatibly with weather conditions and wearing a hat that protects you from the sun, you can already visit the city the day after your surgery.
5After removing the cast when is the next visit for a follow-up visit?
After removing the nasal mask, patches will be applied to the nasal bridge, fundamental to allow the skin to adapt. A follow-up visit is necessary 10-15 days after surgery. The subsequent checks will be defined every two months.
6When can I consider the outcome of the rhinoplasty operation to be stabilized?
The final outcome is definitive and stabilized one year after surgery: during the course of the year, the nasal structure will gradually tend to deflate and change over the course of the months. It is necessary to have a lot of patience, not to be overwhelmed by panic and hurry to judge your nose: although rhinoplasty is an operation that is currently minimally invasive and painless in the post-operative period, it remains a serious intervention that involves gradual and slow readjustment of the nose. It is very important to trust in the relationship between doctor and patient.