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Duration of the surgery > from 120 minutes to 180 minutes | Anesthesia > general | Costo > from 11,000 to 13,500 Euros

Profiloplasty is the surgical procedure that aims to restore the aesthetics of the entire facial profile. The surgery consists of the integration of two surgical procedures: rhinoseptoplasty and genioplasty.

Rhinoseptoplasty aims to correct aesthetic and functional defects of the nose; While genioplasty aims to harmonize the shape and size of the chin region.

The nose-chin combination is crucial for the aesthetics of the whole face. Often, people dwell on the size and shape of the nose without understanding that in reality, the main problem is represented by the chin. A retruded and underdeveloped chin, for example, will make the nose appear larger and more pronounced.

Genioplasty is an operation that therefore serves to improve the projection of the chin. In these terms, it is important to understand if the bad positioning of the chin in addition to causing an aesthetic problem also hides a functional problem that negatively affects the alignment of the mouth or the bite.

The doctor will then need to determine if the cause is the chin or a mandibular defect, which will then require another type of approach, such as mandibular advancement or other techniques.

Chin correction is usually done with sliding osteotomy. A cut is made in the lower part of the mandible and the fragmented part is moved to the most harmonious position to obtain the correct projection of the chin. The bone is reattached to the rest of the mandible and consolidated as a whole with the support of osteosynthesis material.

It is a process done intraorally, so that it does not leave a visible scar. In the long term, this surgery is believed to be more effective than the prosthetic option because using the bone itself avoids the possibility of rejection.

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Profiloplasty surgery

Most Frequently Asked Questions.

There are two surgical procedures, genioplasty and mentoplasty using prostheses.

Genioplasty is used in cases where the chin augmentation is more pronounced: the operation will be performed by advancing a portion of the bone in the desired position and fixing it with small titanium plates and screws.

Mentoplasty can be performed through the insertion of chin prostheses: in cases where a slight or moderate augmentation is required. The surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth, between the gum and the lower lip (intraoral) or with a small incision under the chin (submental).

Chin surgery or mentoplasty aims to change the shape or size of the chin by decreasing or increasing it to improve the symmetry of the face and give more harmony to the facial structure and profile of the patient. This procedure can be associated with rhinoplasty and double chin liposuction. During the surgery, a bone fragment will be slid forward to project the chin, if you want to increase it, or the bone will be reduced if you want to reduce its size.

The mentoplasty procedure can be done to augment a small chin or reduce a prominent chin.

Patients with a retracted chin or a shortened chin may undergo augmentation mentoplasty. In the consultation before the surgery, the maxillofacial surgeon will carry out a study of the facial structure where he will take into consideration the different elements of the patient’s face such as nose, lips and chin so that he can establish the changes he must make in order to maintain a harmony and a proportion between them.

The difference lies precisely in the technique to increase the projection of the chin: on the one hand with genioplasty it is carried out by sliding a bone fragment in the chin area in order to give greater projection to the chin; The use of counter prostheses involves their insertion through an invisible intra-oral incision.

Genioplasty (also associated with rhinoplasty) involves a one night stay in a private clinic. The day after the surgery it is possible to leave the clinic.

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