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Duration of the surgery > from 60 to 120 minutes | Anesthesia > general | Cost > 8500 Euro


Septorhinoplasty is the surgery that aims to correct the function and aesthetics of the nose; It is universally considered the queen of facial plastic surgery. This is due to the difficulty of the surgery and the impact it can have on the appearance of the face.

Nasal surgery often tends to make a clear distinction between aesthetics and function, but in clinical practice it is often impossible to correct one by neglecting the other. For example, a twisted nose often depends on a deviated septum and it would be unthinkable to correct the aesthetic alteration without performing a functional septoplasty. Conversely, a very high and narrow backed nose implies the presence of a stenosis in the internal nasal valve area and it is not possible to deal with the function without altering the appearance.

Open rhinoplasty is the modern technique used by Dr. Marianetti in all his surgical procedures:  a small incision is made at the columella (anatomical unit that joins the upper lip with the tip of the nose) and, through it, the osteocartilaginous structures of the nose are exposed, which can then be modified under direct vision and in the absence of distortions.

The advantages of the open approach are the possibility to define the anatomical deformities under direct inspection of the osteocartilaginous structure, to carry out their correction in the absence of distortions and the greater guarantees of the result. These advantages explain why this approach is now used by the overwhelming majority of American nasal surgeons. The disadvantages of the open approach are the small columellar scar (which usually disappears within 6 months of surgery) and a post-operative swelling of the tip. nasal greater than the closed approach.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. Although in some cases it is possible to resort to local anaesthesia and this may vary in relation to the preferences of the surgeon and the patient, general anaesthesia is recommended.

The answer is no. Thanks to a suture of the septum, used by Dr. Marianetti, it is no longer necessary to apply the annoying post-operative pads, guaranteeing the patient a post-operative course without pain and discomfort.

The patient is usually discharged one day after the surgery with only one night of hospitalization. A rigid nasal mask is applied to the nose which is removed together with the columellar sutures (under the tip of the nose) seven days after surgery. After removing the mask, patches will be applied to the nasal back for one to two weeks. These patches are necessary to readjust the skin on the new osteo-cartilaginous structure created with the intervention. The nose remains edematous (swollen) for one or two weeks. The final result can only be appreciated three or four months after the operation.

It normally coincides with that of the patient and consists in carrying out the septorhinoplasty with the dual purpose of making the patient breathe and achieving a natural result. Noses that are “standard”, “surgical”, “French”, “with an upward tip” or with a narrow and pinched, should now be a memory of the past and should never be realized even at the request of the patient. The goal must be to achieve a facial harmony and a naturalness that matches a beautiful nose, without appearing remodelled.

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